Witch Hand - Mica Window Decor

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Customizing your window interior is a nice way to make your home feel cozy. This product is providing a feeling of relaxation and coziness and bringing positive emotions.. Check out these mica window decorative items, you might want to consider.

Product description:

  • This decor is made of lightweight mica acrylic with double-sided dye-sublimation printing.
  • Every place requires its color filling and window decor is the best choice to transform the room with bright accents.
  • The product is printed on 2 side.
  • A hole and metal hanging chain attached to strap with transparent rubber vacuum sucker which isn’t damage to wall.
  • People use it to decorate windows as well as prevent birds hit the window.
  • The main aim of this decor is beautifying buildings indoor and outdoor, controlling light, and telling a story since this product provides a feeling of relaxation and coziness, bringing positive emotions.
  • This ornament is flat, not dimension.