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Need a cozy and calm space to relax after a tiring day at school or work? Light this custom scented Candle and you will feel instantly at peace. 

Not only helping to relieve stress with a pleasant fragrance, but this Custom Candle also creates a romantic and cozy space for your house. 

  • Wax: Paraffin and Stearin – Non-toxic, non-smoke, and eco-friendly to use.
  • Essential oils in our print on demand candle are dosed up in the wax for a stronger aroma that will last longer. 
  • Wax is poured into a sturdy and recyclable glass jar with a gold metal lid to keep the fragrance from emitting when the candle is not in use. 
  • Our custom candles come in 3 scents: Lotus, Green Tea, and Lavender.
  • Burn time:
    • 3oz from 5 to 7 hours.
    • 8oz from 8 to 10 hours.
  • Design printed on a transparent label wrapped around the candle jar. 
  • Each candle comes with a jute twine for decoration.

How to use our custom Candle:

  • Always trim the cotton wick to between 1/4 and 1/8 inches long. 
  • After lighting the candle, the glass jar will be heated and might cause a burn to your skin. Don’t touch the jar while it is still hot from the burning. 
  • Don’t put the lighted candle nearby flammable objects.
  • Don’t light the candle in a narrow or windy space.  
  • Always blow off the candle when not needed. 
  • Keep the candle away from the reach of children.