Haunted Mansion - Ds 35- Fabric basket

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Make this Halloween more special for your kids with our lovely custom fabric basket! Your little ones will love to go around the neighborhood on their favorite custom carrying a unique and colorful candy basket like this. 

Other than a Halloween basket, this product can be used for different purposes, from a storage basket, organizer basket, gift basket, or house decoration. It also makes perfect sense to use this basket as an Easter egg basket.

  • Material: Thick and tough fabric won’t fade or shrink. With such durable material, you won’t have to worry when giving it to your naughty kids. Our basket can handle all the tears and wear! 
  • This strong, lightweight fabric can stay upright for many seasons even when there is no interfacing – Perfect for a storage basket. You can keep toys, clothes, stationery supplies, bathroom products, and all kinds of everyday knicks and knacks. 
  • This basket doesn’t collect dust easily. Plus, it is easy to wash and very quick drying. Super practical for a home organizer and storage. 
  • A sturdy same-fabric handle makes it easy to carry this basket around. 
  • 2 sizes: 7×9 inch and 9×10 inch – Choose whatever size that is suitable for your purpose. Or pick a size that suits your kids most!