Firefighter Dad - Dock Station - F55

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Product descriptions :

  • Made from natural birch plywood.
  • Our Docking Stations have two parts. All you have to do is insert them into each other and it is ready to keep all of your different gadgets.
  • To make our stations personalized for the man in your life, we can print any logo, drawing, picture, or word on our docking stations.
  • We grind and polish our products ourselves. Instead of using spray guns, brushes or rollers, we carefully and gently rub natural vegetable oil into the wood using a cotton cloth.
  • Our Docking Stations a gift for your husband, father, grandfather, boyfriend, brother, son, or friend are made from natural birch plywood. This is a perfect gift for that personal touch!

Product Code: DST

Size: 9.5х9х75 inches (24x23x19 cm).